Area 51

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If you were going to name a rare hybrid known for its otherworldly effects and mysterious origins, calling it Area 51 was a really good call. This cryptic strain is of unknown origins, and Green Gene Seeds are not giving anything up anytime soon. Though, as one might expect from a strain of this stature, this is a full body high that will have you believing that the truth is out there. This perfectly balanced 50/50 bud offers up high THC levels ranging from 20% to 23% on average. As a result, the effects on your mind and body are quite substantial. For recreational use, this is a fun high to take with you on the town. It's incredibly uplifting right from the start and has you feeling full body tingles and mind-bending bliss in very little time. You’ll feel after the initial wave that your focus begins to sharpen and your desire to be social skyrockets. As the high starts to level out, you’ll feel the mellow sensation in your limbs spread to your body and utter relaxation will kick in and overrule the chatty nature of this bud.


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